“Untold Story is about the nature of celebrity, the meaning of identity, and the finding of one’s place in the world.”


Marrying into a high profile family isn’t all its cracked up to be. The pressures of being in the public eye weigh heavy on our main character. Every choice she makes seems to be front page news. She was belittled for putting up with her husband’s highly publicized affair. Then when she decided to end the marriage they said she deserted her children. A new dress is scrutinized. A new love interest is criticized.

When she survives a car crash an idea is born. What if she had died? With the help of her Personal Secretary a plan is hatched.

Starting over isn’t easy. Especially for someone that is accustomed to a certain lifestyle; someone used to living the life of a princess. Literally, a princess. In her life before her “death”, Lydia was a princess — presumably Princess Diana (although she is never named).

What if Princess Diana had faked her death and decided to live the run of the mill, humdrum life of a middle class American? She would have to rent an apartment. Go to the grocery. Pay bills. Get a job! The former Princess Diana could be serving you pancakes or waxing your lip!

I loved the idea of this book. I have always said that Elvis faked his death and is living on a ranch in North Dakota. This was a quick read, great for a vacation. Its one of those books meant to be entertaining, not to be over analyzed.

The characters were likeable and their friendship with Lydia is believable. They do not know who she used to be. They were likeable but could be developed some more. Lydia even has some flaws stemming from her previous life.

Some reviews I read said that the book was shallow. It could have been more developed but this didn’t bother me. Perhaps I was caught up in the vision of Princess Diana and wanting to believe that maybe this was indeed what had happened to our favorite princess. I like the idea of Diana living an anonymous life away from the press and watching her boys grow up from afar. And yes, I do realize how heartbreaking not being a part of their lives would be.

This may end up in my reread pile. It will be a while but there’s a good possibility I will revisit this book. I’m giving this one a bookometer reading of 4.


Reviewed by:

Teresa M

Added 31st May 2015

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