” A breathless, unsettling read.”



This book was ALMOST as good as the first. Again, the subject matter is extremely controversial and I am refreshed to see that the book that is marketed to young adults is so deep.

In this book the journey of the three unwinds from the first book is continued. Connor has taken over the dead airfield that is a makeshift camp for the AWOLS. There is trouble on all fronts. Since the order was decreed that now 17 year olds are safe from unwinding there is more demand for body parts.

The black market is booming. Add to that the consideration that adults who are suicidal can voluntarily be unwound and the consideration that criminals as well should be unwound takes the level of evil and depravity to a new low. Worst of all they have created a whole human being solely on the parts of unwinds. A Frankenstein, if you will.

The series makes you question not only your beliefs involving pro life and pro choice, but now the medical ethics of playing God in every way. The question is also risen of what happens to a person’s soul when they are unwound. Since their bodies go on living, but in a divided state, are they really dead or alive? And what about a man made creation of a human? Does he even have a soul? Can that be created along with flesh and bone?

The first book ends with a sort of finality. I read in the acknowledgements that the author was surprised that it turned into a trilogy, and the second book certainly does leave you hanging.

There were more characters in this book telling the story from their perspectives whereas in the first book there were far less voices in the narration.

Overall I think this is one of the better dystopian series I have read lately and I can’t wait to read the next one.


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Added 17th August 2015

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