“A good smattering of Norse mythology and an appealing hero, peril and adventure and a satisfactory (and not saccharine) ending.”



I have just finished reading this to my children and I am, as always, amazed at how much Gaiman can fit into such a small book. We were all under his spell from the first page.

The story is of a young man named Odd, who lives in a viking village with his widowed mother. Odd is a bit of a loner and, fed up, decides to leave the village one day and head into the woods, to his late father’s woodcutter’s hut.

The snow has continued well into Spring and Odd finds himself face to face with some animals who aren’t as they first appear and soon discovers their intriguing secret.

So ensues an adventure to end the long winter involving some familiar characters and the unlikely hero, Odd.

Neil Gaiman is a master storyteller and I highly recommend this book as a bedtime story. The chapters are short, perfect for natural pauses when the kids doze off!


Reviewed by:

Leah Nayar

Added 13th August 2015

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