“Published posthumously after Shute’s death in 1960, Trustee from the Toolroom is his final novel.”



I never felt much need to do more than dip my toe into the Nevil Shute collection, but Trustee is one that I did pick up. It is also one that I felt the need to read several times, probably because it is, a particularly /comforting/ story.

It evokes, for me all the good qualities and values of a lost age; the characters are *good*, intelligent, practical people who respect one another and act in each other’s best interests. Never mind that the story is, at heart, about tax evasion!

It’s a warm, good-hearted, feelgood book with a happy ending: if you want excitement, gritty realism or cynicism then you have come to the wrong place.


Reviewed by:

Campbell McAulay

Added 5th April 2015

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