“What a book! Such a gripping, gritty storyline, with such wonderful, believable characters. Loved it.”


I really liked this book because it reflects the modern world. Let’s face it not everyone is going to be nice or make the right choices I think that showing this in a book is extremely important.

For quite a few years Marlon has been picking up the pieces from his older brother Andre’s trail of destruction and now he’s is in a rehab center. Now his Dad has died and he is left with his Mum.

Marlon was always a good boy the polar opposite to his brother but after one date gone wrong with the prettiest girl he knows , Marlon finds himself mixed up with all the wrong people – his brother’s people.

Marlon is scared and confused in this new world and reacts in a way that changes his life. All around him the people he cares about most are getting hurt because of Marlon’s new and changed personality and activities. Will Marlon be able to clear up his brothers past and protect his family and friends?

I recommend this book to teens but if you are a shy/not a strong reader then I suggest you read something a little easier or read this with someone.


Reviewed by:

Darcy Jay

Added 29th May 2020