“Darkly comic, perfectly brilliant… Let deWitt take you along on this dizzying, wild ride, you’ll love every second of it, and then hop back to the beginning for another go. It’s worth the trip.”



This latest novel by the author of The Sisters Brothers is the story of Frances Price, a widow, and her adult son Malcolm who has some development problems and continues to live with her.

After their fathers death, the well off family finds itself on the verge of financial ruin so Frances sells off her remaining assets and accepts the kind gift of a family friend the use of an apartment in Paris. Frances had been in Paris as a young girl and while married had taken trips there so she loved the city.

They also bring along their cat, Small Frank, who Frances thinks is actually her dead husband Frank.

In Paris they will be joined by a cast of characters, amongst them Madeline, a clairvoyant, Susan, an on and off again girlfriend to Malcolm, and Mme. Reynaud who they will be living with in the apartment.

The book is full of humor and sadness as the family struggles to find their new niche in life, while also coming to grips with their past, especially the death of the husband, Frank Price.

A quick, easy read at 244 pages, this is well worth the short time it will take to complete it.



Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 25th December 2018

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