“A remarkable tale about the most magical of all journeys: the quest to fulfill one’s destiny.”



It is a myth, a fable, full of insights that I no longer remember. I think I should have liked this book, but I was not enthusiastic.

We have the idea of finding your personal legend or purpose or job in this life. We have the idea of listening to your heart and paying attention to omens. We have the idea of all things being written by one hand and tapping into the universal language of the world. All very good and religious ideas. The idea that “It is written”.

A Spanish boy travels to Africa to find his personal legend and to find the treasure that is his to find, near the pyramids he has been told. He has adventures along the way such as getting robbed, making a success of a business, traveling across the desert in a camel caravan, being in danger of his life several times, meeting The Alchemist, getting beat up, falling in love and finding what what he seeks.

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Added 5th April 2016