“The Guide is a glorious getaway in every sense, a wild wilderness trip as well as a suspenseful journey to solve a chilling mystery.”


Just finished The Guide by Peter Heller. This is the story of Jack, a rancher who lives on the farm with his Dad. He wants to get away for awhile so he takes a job as a private guide in a Lodge well hidden in a canyon that is for the very wealthy only. His assigned guest is Allison K. He recognizes her face but at first he can’t place her but eventually he realizes she is a big country and western star. She is a top notch fisherman and they click right away.

Eventually they notice the other guests aren’t fishing and seem at times the worse for wear. They are also warned about the owner of the property right next to the lodge who has posted warnings by the River that he will shoot at anyone who enters his property. Sure enough, one day Jack goes a little too far downstream and a bullet screams over his head.
Both Jack and Allison quickly realize things may not be all that they seem and it is that premise that carries the real plot of the book.

Like any mystery/adventure there are some twists and turns to the story and some surprises. The author is a top notch writer who will keep your attention on the story. His previous novel, The River was a perfect example of how he can handle the genre. While this latest effort may not be as compelling as his previous work, it is still worth reading.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 27th October 2021

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