“Meticulously researched and deeply entertaining, this story of betrayal and divided loyalties is Gregory on top form.”


I’ve read a number of this author’s Historical works of fiction and I am always captivated by her writing and the voice she brings to these women.

It’s no doubt she spends hours researching her subjects and with the knowledge she obtains creates a plausible history for them.

In this novel she gives a personal story for each of the three Grey Sisters, Ladies Jane, Katharine and Mary so the work is divided into three sections, where one sister leaves off the next continues from that point. As the reader follows through time each one’s thoughts, hopes and how they view their precarious situations it reflects how it is not a benefit to be one of royal blood in the line of succession.

Is it a wonder than that Queen Elizabeth I refused to wed or name an heir until her final hour?

If you enjoy an exceptionally well written work of historical fiction you are sure to become immersed into the highly controversial lives of these three women and the decisions that motivated them to make the choices they did.

Fast past and entertaining.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 22nd February 2018

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