“R. A. Hakok has written an amazing tale of surviving nuclear holocaust.”



I suppose the first thing that I need to say is that this is a Kindle Free Ebook. In my previous experience, Kindle free books have tended in the majority to be fun but not always particularly well-written or even properly edited. Among Wolves greatly surprised me.

I have read a good share of YA dystopian fiction and this holds its own extremely well against the likes of the Divergent trilogy.

The most recent post-apocalyptic fiction I have read have been The Passage (Justin Cronin – one of the best books I have read in ages, comparable to Stephen King in its saga-scope and development) and The Road (Cormac McCarthy), and although Among Wolves is appropriate for a younger age bracket, I found that it fitted well with these.

It is extremely easy to read, well-written and generally extremely enjoyable, even for an adult reader. For a free book I would certainly recommend it. If the price is a loss-leader and the other books in the series turn out to be more highly priced remains to be seen!


Reviewed by:

Lisa Loveridge

Added 5th April 2016