“Rachel Joyce tells wonderful stories. In her hands, ordinary lives are given dignity and triumph. She is a champion of humanity, and The Music Shop is no exception.”



This is a beautiful story about a man named Frank, who owns a vinyl record shop at the time that CD’s are starting to replace records, and Ilse, a young lady from Germany who one morning faints in front of Franks store and that’s how they meet and their relationship begins.

This book is a story of the love of friends, of a son for his Mother and the love between two people that is the kind that one hopes will last forever. But the real surprise in this story is really about another love. A love for music.

This is the aspect of the story that hooked me right way. Being an avid vinyl collector with a large collection the book spoke to me in so many different ways. The love of vinyl can only be really understood by those of us old enough to grow up buying 45’s and LP’s. The fact that the author can take that love and tie it in with all of the types of love I mentioned is simply a major wonder. What you read will be a love story with maybe just a slight fantasy element to it by a writer whose main strength in my opinion is how she identifies with the human spirit in so many different ways.

The book will revolve around a small record store on a small street in a section of town that seems to have taken a downturn. A local developer wants to buy out the small shops that are left on the street, but Frank won’t sell his shop, and do far, a few other shops won’t sell either. Ilse will walk into Franks life and she will have an impact on Frank that he cannot believe and refuses to accept.

As business on the street continues to decrease, the band of shipowners will band together to try and stay the course. But towering above that is the mysterious Ilse, and Franks obsession for her. You will be drawn in and wonder what is her secret, and can Frank deal,with all of the elements in his life that are quickly falling together.

This is the first book I have read this year that was published this year, so if this is any indication of what we can expect in reading this year, than we are in for a terrific year. Highly recommended.


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Richard Franco

Added 31st January 2018

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