“As a lover of detective fiction, I hereby recommend Ravi Subramanian’s series of detective stories for children.” – Ruskin Bond


This is the second of Ravi Subramanian’s SMS Detective series. Set in the delightful hill town of Solan and its only premium hotel, it brings back the three young sleuths of the first book. Aditya and Akriti and their friend Kabir who happens to be the Police Chief’s son. The Mystery of the Missing Cat brings a team of cricketers to Solan along with their dashing Captain who happens to be married to a glamorous Bollywood star who cannot go anywhere without her cat Pingu.

Naturally Solan is agog to meet the T20 players and in the buzz Pingu the cat vanishes. Akriri with her penchant for instagram goes to work to find the cat before the match deadline they have been set by a devious catnapper runs out. Generously illustrated, the book will be a treat for young cricket and social media lovers not to mention those who love cheese burgers.

Subramanian tells his story simply, brings in characters and situations that his readers can relate to and creates a tense atmosphere with all the complications that a cricket match can cause/ Smart readers might guess whodunnit but that doesn’t spoil the entertainment that Subramanian spins.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 27th January 2022

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