“Henge is book 1 of the Le Fay series by Realm Lovejoy”


Imagine Camelot in modern times. Where knights carry guns not swords and drive cars rather than ride horses.

Morgan Le Fay is 16, she lives in Cornwall with her father and she can use magic! The problem is, modern day England believes magic to be dangerous, Camelot controls all magic users and unless you’re licensed anyone caught using magic is punished.

This is a lovely concept, Arthurian legend mixed into modern day life, all our favourites are there and the plot is fantastic.

Morgan wants to become Maven, the future king Arthur’s right hand and protector, she has to be, the Henge foretold it. But to become Maven she must enter Arthur’s Round, a series of lessons and tests to decide who is the most proficient and who is worthy but she hasn’t got a licence so she can’t even enter the trials!

A forged licence and an impressive display of her fire control gets her second place after Merlin and his spectacular water magic but her forgery is discovered and she’s disqualified. That is, until a phone call requests her presence at the Round.

The characters are beautifully written, the plot full of twists and the story magical. Is Merlin trustworthy? What is Sir Lancelot up to? Is Morgan more than she believes herself to be? And does the execution of her mother for murder by magic (not a spoiler, you find this out within the first few pages) mean that Morgan’s chances of becoming Maven are already dashed?

This book is perfect for teenage readers and us grown up YA literature lovers alike. It’s fast paced, busy and interesting all the way through and I only have one complaint!

Got to wait till autumn for the next instalment!


Reviewed by:

Shan Williams

Added 28th March 2015

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