“Sacks is an extraordinarily gifted writer whose intelligence, compassion and skill on both the sentence and tension level rise to meet her ambition. She keeps us constantly on edge…City of a Thousand Gates makes a convincing case for a literature of multiplicity, polyphonic and clamorous, abuzz with challenges and contradictions, with no clear answers but a promise to stay alert to the world, in all its peril and vitality.”


Just finished City Of a Thousand Gates by Rebecca Sacks. Audiobook version read by Lemcee Isaccs.
This is a book about Israel and Palestine and mainly centers around a diverse group of characters and their intertwining stories.

An Israeli girl has been murdered in her home so in revenge a Palestinian boy has been attacked and eventually dies from his wounds. That is the main storyline and all the characters in the book will be affected by this incident
Hamid is a young Palestinian who illegally goes into the Jewish area to find illegal work. Vera is a journalist from Germany writing a story about the beaten Palestinian boy. Ori is a young Israeli soldier who works at the border and Ido and his family live near the border where tensions are constantly on the rise.
Their lives will intersect over these killings plus other incidents which fire the tension and hatred between the Palestinians and the Isreali’s until all need to wonder whether this is all worth it
A very good story that will hold your attention up to the final page Recommended


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 8th April 2021

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