“A book like this comes along once a decade, if not a century….”



Here. Just this exact spot, throughout time.

What if we could see this one place as it was at the beginning of time, prehistoric times, ancient times, historically, recently, in the near future, and the distant future?

What if it was (now) a living room, but in Revolutionary times it was a front farm of a historic mansion, and used to be a Native American hunting ground, and before that was primordial soup?

McGuire takes us into a seemingly normal, every day home, through time –not ending with today, but going into the future where they wax nostalgic about a “Typical American Home” through holographic imagery in what may be a museum.

It certainly makes us beg the question of what/who has trodden where we live now, but also who and what will in the future.

The drawings are full color, but muted tones. I found the colors wonderful… enough to be in color, but not too much that I was spending too much time on the color details. I was able to spend my time dissecting the details (sometimes just in pencil) that were spot on, and in the case of the future, pretty unsettling.


Reviewed by:

Kerri Beany Foulks

Added 10th October 2015

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