“For his first stand-alone novel in 10 years, Russo has written a bewitching tale of male friendship with thriller elements . . . This is vintage Russo with a cunning twist.”



This is the story of three men who met in College getting together on Martha’s Vineyard for a reunion. Lincoln, Teddy and Mickey had gotten together there years before in 1971. At that time they also came with a girl all three were secretly in love with.

Jacy was smart, sexy, beautiful and engaged to be married to some other guy and she has asked to come along with the guys for a last good time together.

Mickey was thinking of running away to Canada to avoid going to Vietnam as he was about to be drafted. Mickey ended up going to Canada, though he would return when amnesty was declared for those who had fled. Jacy, who would get up extra early the last morning so she could avoid saying goodbye to the guys would never be seen again.

Old memories come up and Jacy is in their thoughts when Lincoln, who always wondered about Jacy’s disappearance, speaks to a local policeman about her disappearance and this opens up a can of worms which will be the focus point of the rest of the book.

Russo develops great characters in his books and the relationships between all of the main characters drives the book and holds your interest. The Pulitzer Prize winning author has done it again, writing a story that will have you wondering in which direction this search for Jacy is going to go.

Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 18th October 2019

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