“The Son of Neptune is Book 2 in the Heroes of Olympus series.”



The son of Neptune is about three people. The three people are Percy Jackson, Frank and Hazel. In the beginning, Percy Jackson doesn’t know anything but his name, monsters, one word in Greek and a person named Annabeth.

Also in the starting Percy meets Frank. He meets Frank going into Camp Juniper. Camp Juniper is a camp for people who are sons of Roman gods. He meets Hazel inside of camp Juniper. At the very beginning, Percy gets attacked by three monsters called gorgons. Percy tries to kill them but they always come back to life.

I like the book because it has lots of suspense like the gorgons chasing him. Another reason I like the book is that if you read the ending you will usually end up reading the beginning again. The book is good for almost anyone to read. I think people should read the heroes of Olympus series, the son of Neptune is the second book in the series.


Reviewed by:

Alan, aged 9

Added 12th April 2015