“Passion, loneliness, decadence, and sexuality are all powerfully portrayed in this beautifully written novel.”



This story which takes place just after World War 1 has ended and goes to the dawn of American involvement in World War 2 actually reads like an antebellum novel. Diane Cook comes from a very rich family that has fallen on very hard times, so she will be taken and introduced at the various debutante balls springing up again now as the was has ended. She needs to find a very rich husband, and find him fast.

And find one she does, the unknown but filthy rich cad who goes by the name of Captain Copperton, who seems to always get what he wants.

Our story will then follow their marriage, the birth of their son Ash, and will continue through what usually happens in these stories. The Cad of a husband is a sort of monster who rules the roost with an iron hand, and except for their overwhelming love each has toward their son, they have nothing else to keep any semblance of a relationship.

This book is also the story of a home. The Cook House is famous for its splendor and its architecture, and the house will also become a very important part of our story.

Over the years there will be tragedy, reemergence of a home and a family, and more tragedy as we see that to buy our way to true happiness is impossible.

The author’s previous novel, “Heading out to Wonderful” was a true gem of a book, and while this latest offering doesn’t quite live up to its predecessor, it is still a fine book in its own right. Recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 16th August 2018

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