“Spartacus and his allies have learnt to stand their ground in the arena, now they must learn to run.”



The daring-do continues with the second volume of the series. In this one the death of Cassian has been ordered and put into the hands of a vicious killer who laughs as he kills. That man is Flabinus, and he has his own little army of killers who also live in fear of their leader. Flabinus doesn’t just the man he is after, he kills the whole house hold and burns the homes too. Brothers, sisters, patents, all of his targets’ family die. The whole family is removed from history.

Cassian hears of plan to kill him, so he and his family escape, along with Spartacus and his remaining soldiers and travel to a distant land. Flabinus is furious over not being able to play his little games and sets out after his prey. Of course, his prey is not the sort of man to give up easily after one such mass killing, the Romans set off after him.

Various detours and distractions They trace the killer and have him holed up. But can they get to him and kill him? That you will need to buy and read for your good selves my friends.

Whatever, Robert has produced yet another first rate story here. It has a fast pace, enough bloody and gore for everyone. All the usual elements of Rome at the time are still there; deceit, jealousy, greed, anger, and twisted politics. Obviously I enjoyed this one again and I’m looking forward to the next one.


Reviewed by:

Ron Clark

Added 4th November 2016

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