“Benway peels away the surface and digs down to the raw emotions the teens and their families feel… as a portrait of the emerging adolescent, it engages.”



I don’t know if everyone would like this book or not. It is all way from the real lives, truth and lies; live and friendship, basically from people’s teenage life. It is so much more than this, it a whole lot or bunch of emotions seeped in.

Dealing with sensitive issues, Emmy & Oliver gives you thrill of emotions. All those times when we don’t get a perfect YA read, this comes out to be one of the best. It is not only about just Emmy or Oliver or both but it is about Caro, Drew, their parents and not to forget surfing. All those times our parents had been overly protective do have a reason, it is all that we should have courage to speak up, ask up.

There had been times when the emotion you felt was way too raw, like if touched your finger tips would get the skin off. The way Emmy and Oliver friendship grew from a phase was undoubtedly beautiful. Ye’ know like when we were small, we had that one best friend but we loss contact over time after our lives move on and our sections change – sometimes school. We move to another friend and one day when you change school, the person comes back. It is all kind of awkward right? But here only you yourself take up courage to be friends, where on the other hand Emmy waited for him to come back, after years and they talking was ruled by parent but when they picked the pieces from ground, it turned out to be a ride. Emmy was connected to him all years, with just one note – “Do you like Emmy? Yes or not” and the yes encircled.

It is enchanting to read like the books we read back in 4th grade, like a fairy tale, the only difference is, the characters are more open – out spoken.

It is thrilling to read the book- like a roller coaster ride, only they wished to be their life to be a little more cindrella like but always standing up for other at times.

I wanted to read so much more but these 36+4 Chapters Entitled give me hope – actually gives everyone about always chase your dreams – give them a chance, no matter what.

So this is it, I will give it 3.5 or 4 maybe from 5. I hope this doesn’t give much of book insight though, – as you call it, spoiler free.


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Added 11th June 2016