“Robin Cook skillfully combines human drama and high-tech thrills with the latest breakthroughs and controversies of modern medicine.”



Robin Cook is the gold standard for ‘Medical Thrillers’ just as John Grisham is for ‘Legal Thrillers’ and Dan Brown for ‘Mythological adventure/mystery/thrillers’. And the title ‘Abduction’ has ‘Aliens’ written all over it! And the blurb mentions “A mysterious transmission from the bottom of the Atlantic”…All this had me convinced(wrongly) that this book would be based on a plot wherein humans are abducted and then Mr Cook describes in detail the various medical tests done by the Aliens on human subjects.

But I was pleasantly surprised when Robin Cook embarked on a daring shift in genre from medical thriller to Science Fiction. I won’t mention anything about the plot because it would give too much away.

It is a very bold experiment and I admire the author for coming up with an ambitious plot. As always, a lot of technical terms have been used, this time concerned with the subjects of oceanography, Geology and  biology.

However, the book wasn’t perfect. There are certain loopholes both with regard to the plot and the scientific explanations. Infact, towards the latter half of the book, the story turns rather kiddish and I thought he didn’t do  justice to the initial build up. The saving grace however was a stunning and audacious climax which almost pushes it in the realm of fantasy and supernatural from Sci-fi.

Will definitely recommend it as a one time read for the brilliant concept, although he could have done so much more with the world he had created! The book length was just too short.



Reviewed by:

Aditya Singh

Added 25th September 2017

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