“Extraordinary . . . As some American critics have already observed, Farrow’s narrative has the pace of a thriller . . . Farrow’s book captures the terror and paranoia that eat away at Weinstein’s victims for the simple reason that he comes to experience them himself, a human mirror. The producer’s sphere of influence extends ever outwards, like the powerful arms of some giant squid.”


As I was reading this book, I felt angry but also disgusted and extremely disappointed. What does this say about us? It’s not just about people like Weinstein, Trump, Lauer, Epstein who thought what ever they did was Okay but about all the people who continued to enable them. The fact that Ronan was given this assignment, to investigate reports of Weinstein’s behavior and when he makes genuine head way and has uncovered a good deal of credible incidents and personal interviews and then told to basically “stand down” and abandon his work by the people who are at the top of NBC does not only appear to be a cover-up but is a cover-up.

Facing intimidation, removal from his position he still soldiered on because he knew that this story needed to be told. I hope that Ronan has a successful and fulfilling future in journalism because we need people like him who aren’t afraid to risk it all to do the right thing. I highly recommend this book.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 4th April 2020

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