“If the premise might be the sort that Agatha Christie would have toyed with had she been a 21st-century graduate, Ware’s analysis of the power-games some women revel in – and the toxicity in the undertow of some female friendships – is more reminiscent of Sophie Hannah, Christobel Kent, or even Gillian Flynn and Harriet Lane.”


I do enjoy a psychological thriller so this was a fantastic read for me. The story is narrated by a young writer Nora, who because of a break up ten years ago with her teenage boyfriend James, has tried to put the past behind her and move on and failed miserably, so she lives her life mostly as a recluse. One day, out of the blue she receives an invite to a Hen Party given for the bride by her current best friend. The bride and her, who were childhood friends, haven’t stayed in contact for ten years and Nora, although perplexed decides to make the trip which is located near woods in a modern glass house, rather isolated.

The story goes back and forth, where Nora has been in an accident but unable to remember a good portion of what happened, so it’s told as a before and an after. I thought it was creatively written and I was captivated with the read and unable to put down. Some parts are more intense that others and often as confusing for the protagonist as the reader, at one point she admits to being a writer and is unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Very well done and another enjoyable read from this author.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 19th April 2020

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