“Cosby’s prose is vibrant and inventive, his action exuberant and relentless…You may come for the setup, but you’ll stay for the storytelling. Cosby writes in a spirit of generous abundance and gleeful abandon.”


This is the story of two men, Ike Randolph, a black man and ex-Con and Buddy Lee, a white man and an ex-con. They each had a son, Isiah and Derek. The boys loved each other, something neither father could accept in any way. The boys married each other. Then one day they were both murdered, together. The cops investigation seems to be going nowhere. They are basically giving up on the case.
Buddy asks Ike to help him find out what happened to their kids. Although they are both ex-cons they are totally different people to each other. Ike finally agrees and that’s where the story explodes.

Filled with page after page of plot twists and action, this book is another terrific book by the author.
His last book, Blacktop Wasteland was a New York Times notable book and an award winner from the Los Angeles Times, and this new book does not disappoint.
This is the kind of book terrific movies are made from. A really good summer read as it is a real page turner.
Just hold on to your seatbelt and go along for the ride.
Highly recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 23rd September 2021

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