“In this subtle, powerful, unflinchingly honest novel, S. M. Hulse takes for her palette some of life’s most vital subjects–faith, love, loyalty, family, goodness, God–and paints her story with all the skill of a master artist blocking out her canvas, tender stroke by tender stroke, bringing it to life. Each color more complex than its name, each line put down with purpose. As sweet-souled as it is clear-eyed, Eden Mine will linger with me for a long time.”


Just finished Eden Mine by S.M. Hulse.  This is the story of a small town and the Fabers family which now only consists of a brother and a sister Samuel and Jo.  Jo is paralyzed and Samuel helps take care of her.  When their home is being taken away from them so a train can come through that property, Samuel reacts by planting a bomb in the local church.  When it detonates, the Ministers.daughter is seriously wounded and Samuel is on the run.
The local police and the FBI all put pressure on Jo to tell them where her brother is but she says she doesn’t know.  In the meantime, the day is approaching when she will be evicted from her home and the injured girl barely clings to life. Jo has only 2 friends, Hawkins the local police and now Asa, the minister who is looking for answers.

A fine book that really comes to life in the second half of the story it is a story of the love of siblings and the secrets they carry with them and an inevitable confrontation with the truth. Recommended.


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 19th May 2020

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