“Funny, romantic, sexy, sweet, adorable, with a bit of suspence, this page turner will churn up some vivid visuals and have you lookin’ for cowboys!!.”



Because of Savannah is the debut novel from Sarah Patt. It is the first in a trilogy. It’s a story about a sixteen year old girl named Dakota who meets a brother she never knew existed. This happens at her Fathers funeral. His name is Luke and he has a daughter named Savannah. The book introduces you to a wide array of people and circumstances that define her story.

You feel for Dakota as she begins to socialize and meets new people set in Texas. You will keep reading as the words flow like water from the authors imagination.

It is thoughtfully written and transports you to whatever room or place a conversation is taking place. It is filled with events that happen in life and how the characters cope.

Sarah Patt and I met six months ago. I turned her book jacket into labels for wine bottles. She presents the wine to the hostess of the book club she attends as a token of appreciation. She is an excellent communicator. She earned her BS degree and a Masters Degree before starting a family and her teaching career. I believe this woman is as passionate as one can be about learning, education and physical well being.

Reading her words will inspire you to be a better person, just like her characters.


Reviewed by:

Kevin Riordan

Added 18th August 2016