“Intriguing… Readers who enjoy parallel historical/contemporary narratives about women’s lives, such as Claire McMillan’s The Necklace or Liz Trenow’s The Forgotten Seamstress, will enjoy the historical details and mystery in this engrossing tale.”


Just read The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner , narrated by Lorna Bennett, Lauren Anthony and Lauren Irwin.
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This story is about a 200 year mystery. Caroline is about to celebrate her tenth wedding anniversary when she discovers evidence of her husbands infidelity so she decides to take their anniversary vacation to London, England alone. While on a sightseeing tour she finds a small glass vial with the imprint of a bear on it so she decides to find out more about the vial.

This brings her into the story of Nella, an apothecary who specialized in potions to help miserable wives get rid of their husbands.
The book is divided into three story lines, Caroline in the current day and her research into the vial, Nella, the apothecary from 200 years ago and Ella, a 12 year old maid who is sent by her mistress to pick up a potion from Nella. Caroline will be caught up in the mystery of Nella and Ella, and this very interesting and well thought out story will draw you in to the search as well.
The story will keep you interested right up to the very end.
Highly reccomended


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 22nd April 2021

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