“Death Echo deals with a series of worlds, both real and imagined, allowing the mind to wander along the lonely road of the human condition.”



I love short stories, particularly if I’m travelling or on holiday so I took Death Echo on a short break I had planned last month. The book is a series of short stories, and the one thing they have in common is death. It’s not a particularly depressing read however and deals with all sorts, from the death of a daughter to the death of a planet.

With short story collections, you expect some brilliant and a few weaker stories bound together, but in Death Echo every story is pretty worthy of being in the collection. This might be Sebastyan Smith’s first published works, but I for one think he’ll be a name to look for in the future!

Death Echo is a pinch of Ray Bradbury, a dollop of Neil Gaiman, with an episode of Doctor Who thrown in, and I loved it! Weird, wonderful and brilliant, each story left me wanting more, and many of them made me wish they could be extended to a full length novel (I’m looking at you, Monks!).

Many of the stories have a sci-fi or fantastic element, and the entire collections binds together very nicely indeed, making it the perfect companion for my holiday!

The title includes the words Vol 1, I can only hope Vol 2 is coming!


Reviewed by:

Kath Cross

Added 26th June 2017

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