“Take a peek at some of the most bizarre, weird and interesting facts! Did you know that Adolf Hitler was mortally afraid of dentists? Or that the famous master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, who made some of the scariest movies had a fear of eggs? Or have you ever wondered what would happen if we got close enough to a black hole in space? We truly live in a strange, fascinating world!”


Shamika Chaves’ book is bound to be a trivia lover’s favourite. Her 10 Second Book of Laughs and Surprises brings together an amazing collecion of unusual facts divided by geography, human and animal and more. The pages have a graphic novel appeal with colourful illustrations and the text is presented in an easy-to-pick–up fashion.

Enthusiastic browsers will discover things that they did not know about many of their stars – for example the fact that Elvis was a natural blonde and used shoe polish to blacken his hair and that the late David Bowie had a stalker who used to dress up as a rabbit. Or there is the nugget that Iceland has an Elf Whisperer to ensure that no elves are displaced in constructions and that Jamaica once had an underwater post office. Certainly GK will be strengthened and avid quizzards might want to keep a copy handy for a quick reference before they step into a competition.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 17th February 2022

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