“A deliciously intriguing and hilarious novel that will have you hooked till the end”


Lexi Smart describes herself as average on a good day, with more than her fair share of bad luck, mad hair and “snaggleteeth”. 2004 hasn’t been going so well and on a girl’s night out, disaster strikes yet again.

After falling over and knocking herself unconscious, she wakes up in hospital, she can’t remember much and then they tell her it’s now 2007! Nothing makes any sense however she’s lost weight, had her teeth fixed and even got married to an absolute hunk – so far so good!

She’s living the dream – the one we all secretly nourish inside, where we believe we can have everything we’ve ever wanted – but as she gets to know this new world, she can’t help struggling to adapt to her new life.

Further challenges come up as she’s faced with more and more changes that she’s not OK with, but no one seems to be listening.

It’s a captivating read into what life can be like if it’s all just handed to you on a plate, how people change and how everything can somehow feel the same.


Reviewed by:

Liz J

Added 16th June 2015