“A tale of sisterly devotion painted in colors of cerise and shimmering gold. If you ever wondered how it would feel to step into a living dream, here’s your ticket.”



The colour in this book just blew me away! Everything from the landscape to the buildings to the clocks to the gowns and shirts are so vividly described that the world of Caraval came alive in a burst of colour every time I read about them!

Whether the game is real or only feels that way is a well kept secret that leaves you guessing till the end.

That keeps the suspense taut and enhances the appeal of the story.

Scarlett Dragna has always wanted to see Caraval, the magical game which she learnt much about from her grandmother. Just when she has given up hope and agreed to marry a man her dominating father has chosen for her, she receives an invitation to attend and play the game. Whisked away to the Caraval island by her sister, who then gets kidnapped, thereby making the mission of the game the search for her, Scarlett has to follow clues laid out for her in the fantasy land.

As she grapples with a new found love and fear for the father she left behind and her missing sister, the world of Caraval is revealed to her with its myriad magic tricks.

Can she figure out which tricks are just that and which ones are steps she should follow to win the game?

It’s very beautifully written and very absorbing.

I am glad there are two more to go in the series!


Reviewed by:

Priya Prakash

Added 7th February 2019

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