“The long-awited, first OFFICIAL guide to the online gaming sensation, Minecraft!”



The Minecraft Essential Handbook could work well for a noob (an inexperienced player), a parent who’s confused about the game, or even a veteran player who needs to refresh his or her memory of something.

However, it focuses mainly on the PC edition—what if you strongly prefer Pocket Edition, like I do? Also, some newer elements of the game (such as rabbits) aren’t featured.

The book is so basic that after you learn the difference between a Creeper and a Zombie, and after you make your first shelter, it’s not necessary to use it. Therefore, it sits on your shelf collecting dust.

I’ve seen some more in-depth guidebooks, and most of the information seems to be online if you don’t want to buy one.

There are a few good points, for example, the interviews with Notch and Jeb, who were integral in creating Minecraft; the help it gives to new players; and the first-rate cover.


Reviewed by:

Raevyn, age 14

Added 30th August 2015

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