Outstanding – an intriguing premise, a tense, gripping build-up, and a spectacular climax. This guy is the real deal. Trust me.”


A riveting legal thriller, Thirteen by Steve Cavanagh is the fourth book in the ongoing Eddie Flynn series. I must confess that this is my first encounter with con man turned lawyer Eddie, and I am delighted that we finally had a chance to meet.

This book can easily be read as a stand alone, I did not even realise it was part of series as I was reading, so skillfully was the necessary background and history slipped into the story, and what a story it was.

When the wife of a movie star is found stabbed in bed alongside his best friend, the police did not have to go too far to find their prime suspect, but the actor maintains he is innocent. When his lawyer drafts Eddie onto the defence team, and they start to investigate the murders a little more deeply it seems that there may be more to the story than first appears.

Could a serial killer be involved, one who gets his kicks from framing innocent men for his crimes? The answer is yes, but not even Eddie could have predicted that the killer has murdered and manipulated his way onto the jury, and is in prime position to make sure that he gets the verdict he wants.

A clever and disturbing premise with plenty of twists and turns and an appealing and interesting main character in Eddie combine to make this well crafted thriller a fast paced and fun read and I look forward to reading more of the series in the very near future.


Reviewed by:

Annette Jordan

Added 8th September 2019