“What a cracking novel! I haven’t read such a stunning thriller debut for years. Brilliantly written and totally gripping.”


What a loss to readers it is that Larsson only managed to publish three books before his untimely death. I finished this one last night and it is one the very best crime/investigation books I have ever read. Some time ago we watched the DVD version of all three films and liked those, so when I saw the three books in a charity shop I jumped at the chance of getting at a good price.

The blurb on the covers mentions three main characters, and leaves out so many more ‘bit players’. Yes, of course not every character can get a mention in the blurb, the missing girl, Henrik and Martin Vanger, Celia Vanger and not forgetting the hero’s long-time lover Erica, all play important parts in the story. And don’t forget the country where it all happens, Sweden, so cold in the winter that even the locals get caught out at times. But don’t let the country of action put you off reading this set; I’m easily distracted while reading but the jaw breaking names and place names didn’t stop me for enjoying it.

The story revolves around a journalist who even with a jail sentence hanging over him, is hired to find out what happened to the missing girl. It was suggested that his cover story is that he is writing a history of the Vanger family. However, his is not really interested in the project but allows himself to get talked into it on the promise of evidence against his arch enemy who got him the jail term. Once he begins however, he becomes wrapped up in it. There’s a sub story in helping someone else realise that she is not freak she sees herself as.

As I said above, such a pity that we have lost such a brilliant writer. I’m hoping that the two books that fallow on will be just as good and enjoyable.


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Ron Clark

Added 26th June 2017

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