“What a world Susanna Clarke conjures into being … Piranesi is an exquisite puzzle-box.”


Piranisi lives in a very large building, a labyrinth of sorts. There are numerous hallways and very large rooms which contain very large statues depicting people and animals, mythical and otherwise, in various poses. Piranisi lives alone except for The Other, a brilliant older man who arranges to meet with Piranisi twice a week. Piranisi investigates the halls where oceans enter and birds nest and as he discovers new rooms he marks them in his journal that he faithfully updates constantly
Eventually the Other warns Piranisi that there might be other people coming in the building and that Piranisi should avoid them at all costs.
This brings us to the meat of the story and the discoveries that come Piranisi’s way will change his life forever. The only question is whether the change will be good or bad.

A fantasy that will hold your attention, the author who hasn’t written in awhile keeps you enthralled waiting to turn the page to discover what are the secrets that this world inside a building holds


Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 21st October 2020

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