“This sweet, spellbinding story will appeal to fans of magic and romance. “



A cute and fun graphic novel, Mooncakes written by Suzanne Walker and with beautiful illustrations by Wendy Xu is a story about magic, love and acceptance. Nova Huang is a teenage witch who lives with her grandmothers and works in their magical bookshop. She also happens to be deaf. When she hears rumours about a mysterious wolf in the nearby forest she goes to investigate and is surprised to find an old friend, Tam Lang. Her friend is a werewolf and is in hiding from a group of magicians who want to use wolf magic for nefarious purposes. When Tam turns to Nova for help, it seems like their friendship has become something more.

The story, while simple is well thought out and executed, and I loved the diversity of the characters, and the decision to have one of the characters have a disability which not only does not limit her, but can be an asset at times. One of the major characters is non binary, and that is also handled with ease, it is simply introduced as a fact.I loved the positivity and acceptance demonstrated throughout the book, from gender identity to sexuality to the validity of found family, The artwork, as I have already said, is very cute, and the colour choices are appealing.


Reviewed by:

Annette Jordan

Added 19th February 2020

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