“Like all of her novels, it becomes an incisive psychological portrait embedded in a mesmerizing murder mystery. French could make a Target run feel tense and revelatory.”



This is the story of a man named Toby who one night arrives home only to be met by burglars who beat him senseless, leaving hi m barely alive. After convalescing for awhile, he decides to stay for awhile with his very popular uncle Hugo, who is suffering from terminal brain cancer.

Along with his girlfriend Melissa they go visit Hugo and both decide to stay for awhile to help Hugo through his difficult days. Family and friends come to visit Hugo, and its on one of these days something is discovered back in the garden that will change everything forever. A human skull.

Once the skull is discovered the book really picks up, and the mystery of who the skull belongs to and then how they died and who was in involved makes this a real page turner. Filled with surprising turns, especially as Toby has had partial memory loss due to the beating he took, and that has us wondering if we will ever get the full story.

A long book at 511 pages with a story that takes awhile to develop becomes a much quicker read in the second half of the book. And it is worth staying with it.



Reviewed by:

Richard Franco

Added 6th September 2019

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