“The Altered History of Willow Sparks is a fantastic spooky tale of fate and friendship, and the changes that happen to ourselves and our relationships as young people. O’Connor’s linework is fluid and dancing, inky and captivating, and lends itself well to a story that hums with the eerie possibilities of a library after dark.”



What a wonderful book, a beautifully illustrated modern story of friendship with more than a hint of magic. Willy (Willow) Sparks is a typical teen, suffering from self confidence and body image issues. She and her friend Georgia are bottom of the social totem pole and targets for the more popular kids.

Working late at the library one night, a terrible accident reveals a life-changing secret, the people of the town each have a book that describes their life. Unable to resist temptation, Willow decides to make a few changes to her own story, and while her popularity increases, she drifts away from Georgia who is struggling with problems of her own. Magic has consequences however, and soon Willow finds herself in need of help from someone with more experience , will she be able to fix her book and rebuild her life?

A clever and relevant story, well told and beautifully brought to life by the wonderful illustrations, this was a pleasure to read. I also particularly liked the artist’s notes showing the evolution of the art, and how the book came together.


Reviewed by:

Annette Jordan

Added 19th February 2020

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