“because the undead have feelings too.”



I really really liked this book because Nigel Mullit is actually a really rubbish vampire and because of that the book is really not scary at all. He was turned into a vampire when he was fifteen and he has been a vampire for a hundred years, that means he’s been fifteen like forever.

And he’s had to go to school for a hundred years too and it’s really really boring. Oh and he hasn’t even bitten a girl on the neck yet and that is really embarrassing.

He’s madly in love with a girl called Chloe and all the things he does to try and make her love him too are really funny and a bit embarrassing too.

His mom and dad are embarrassing too because his dad wears capes all the time and his sister is always being a princess ugh.

I really like all the pictures too, they are really funny and this book made me laugh a lot. I am going to read the others because I liked this one such a lot.


Reviewed by:

Isabel, aged 8 (as dictated to Aunty Shan)

Added 8th April 2015