“A fairytale, from a different perspective!



I picked up this book at a recent visit to the UK Wolf Conservation Trust near Reading (well worth a visit let me tell you).

As the title suggests, this tells the story from the viewpoint of the wolf. The same basic elements from the original story are there, but with a totally different and clever slant.

Adults will pick up on the fact that you’re still not *really* sure at the end if the wolf is being *completely* honest but it makes for entertaining reading.

The book itself is colourful with lovely artwork so very accessible to young children.

I’m not a parent but I would guess that if your children are old enough to hear the story of Red Riding Hood, they’re old enough to read this (in fact, it may be a good way to illustrate to children that there are always different sides to a story).


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Added 18th March 2018

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