“This book, with its movie deal already made, will be the next big thing. It is the perfect book follow-up to the movie, Black Panther, too. . . . Children of Blood and Bone is perfect for fans of Nnedi Okorafor, Nancy Farmer, and Angie Thomas.”


This fantasy tale was brought to life by a very talented and creative writer. I thought it was well written and filled with some incredible characters. The story is as old as time, a civilization of people divided by their differences, instead of working together for the good of all, one group suppressed the other by taking from them their magic and sought to destroy them. In this created world the author drew inspiration from today’s current climate, so it’s a fantasy world based on real events. Throughout time an author has the perfect vehicle to express their points of view, how they see the world and what a different world it could be if people were more accepting and appreciate everyone equally. I do wish this author tremendous success in her writing career, she has a voice that needs to be heard and appreciated.

The story takes place in a fictional area of Africa, where the tribal chief finds a means of taking the magic from the people who are diviners…they are the gifted ones with several different types of magic. A group of the diviners go on a quest to procure those items needed to restore the magic to them so there is plenty of intense moments, twists and turns and also sadness and loss. Although written more for young adults, I do believe the world can be appreciated and embraced my the older generations.


Reviewed by:

Diana Long

Added 15th April 2020

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