“A brilliantly funny, scary, sweeping novel with all the energy of Welsh’s debut.”


Do you remember your driving Instructor? We’ll Tony sure remembers you and his book relates many tales of fear, humour, sexual offers, bombings and the Falklands war to name but a few incidents that happened to him during his time as a driving instructor in London of the 1980’s.
You can meet the wonderful Sister Mara Clara and her hilarious encounter with one of the famous Beatles back in the 1960’s, or be in his car on a driving lesson when the IRA set of not one but two bombs on the same day but in different parts of London.
Here about how he made a pupil change the tyre on the car after she steered into a sharp curb stone.

Wonderful stories told in an easy to read manner, each chapter has you saying ‘I’ll read just one more then put the book down’ but you cannot so you move on to his next story.
But most of all this book is about people and how they respond to their driving instructors, and it makes you think back to when you were a learner driver and how you responded to your instructor.
The book is a wonderful journey through the streets of London in Tony Levy’s driving school car, he visits all the incredible and famous places in London along with his pupils all on driving lessons
Great read.


Reviewed by:

Jacinta M L

Added 24th June 2021