“A review of Death Note 1-4 of the series of 12.”


Light Yagami is a genius high school student who discovers a note book that grants it’s owner the ability to kill anyone who’s name and face they know by writing in it. Just write their full name, picture their face in your mind so you don’t affect people with the same name, you can also decide the manner of their death such as how, when and where, if it is possible, it will happen, if not, they will either live or just appear to have had a heart attack.

The story follows Light’s attempt to create a Utopia by using the Death Note to kill all the evil people in the world, he works under the name of Kira and is joined by the Death Note’s previous owner a Death God by name of Ryuk who just hangs around and is irritating.

Light’s attempts to create a world without evil draws the attention of a top detective known as ‘L’ and the books follow the attempts of ‘L’ to capture Kira (Light) and Light’s quest to make the world a better place.

The art in these books is beautiful and the story is easy to follow once you get used to the Manga method of reading which is back to front and top right to bottom left. It’s not really gory which is unusual for Manga and is a very good starter series for anyone who wants to try Manga.

Reviewed by:

Drew Hayes, aged 13

Added 25th April 2015