” The book is like a cycle of nature that nurtures us and helps us grow.”



Getting children to drink milk has always been an issue. Parents coax, cajole and bribe youngsters into drinking their milk and the process often takes hours ending with skin on the milk and temper tantrums on all sides.

Michelin starred chef Vikas Khanna has taken the concept of the milk moustache for his second children’s book and put a twist on a well known concept.

His heroine is Jassi and her cow Kalli – Kalli is very unhappy at the milk strike declared by the children of the village and Jassi is determined to make her friend happy again.

Khanna tells a story of teamwork, friendship with animals and the power of a girl child’s intelligence – not to mention the importance of drinking milk! All of which are vital lessons for today’s children in a world dominated by impersonal social media and fast food.

The story is told with charming simplicity not just in words – there are not too many of those – but through bright, happy illustrations which will help it to go down easily with younger children. Easier perhaps than a glass of milk or with a glass of milk.


Reviewed by:

Anjana Basu

Added 10th January 2016

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