“BookMarc’s Bookstore is a must visit for any King fans on a pilgrimage to his home town.”

BookMarc's Bookstore - Maine, ME

BookMarcs carries a wide range of both new and used popular and literary fiction, mysteries, biographies, histories, and other subjects. However, we have limited our website to those areas where we feel we have unusual depth of content or something unique to offer.

With their proximity to a certain Stephen King’s residence they also have an arrangement with the King to stock a number of early hard backed copies of Stephen’s novels. Definitely worth a visit for anyone on a pilgrimage to their favourite author’s home town.

~ Shan Williams

Address: 78 Harlow St. Bangor, ME 04401

Hours:  Friday: 10am to 5:30pm.
Saturday: 10:00am to 4:00pm

Website: www.bookmarcs.com