“Where Miss Marple squints around the corner and Sherlock Holmes smokes his pipe – A whole house under the sign of the crime thriller!”

Buchhandlung Lesezeichen & Café Sherlock

It’s a quite little book shop with one part dedicated to detective stories (Krimi in German). There is a lot of decoration related to e.g. Sherlock Holmes, writers and murders. Next to it is a lovely café, also decorated with a lot of detail and stuff related to detective stories. Upstairs they have a second hand book shop dedicated to detective stories and also an archive with detective stories from all over the world, all in German though. People can browse through the books and enjoy a cuppa on one of the sofas. They also have a display of allsorts of merchandise and games related to detective stories.

A little bit down the road is the Krimi Hotel. The rooms have different themes like Miss Marple room etc.

You can tell the owner loves the little details and I could spend days in there and would still find something new.

Although the books are all in German, I can recommend this place to everyone just for the look and atmosphere.

~ Ina Schumacher

Address: Das Kriminalhaus, Am Markt 5 – 7, 54576 HillesheimGermany

Hours:  Tue – Sat  9 – 18, Sun 12 –  18.

Website: kriminalhaus.de