“Heywood Hill is a rare find indeed, history, atmosphere and books galore ensure a wonderful experience for all book lovers.”

Heywood Hill - London W1

Opened in 1936 by George Heywood Hill and his future wife Anne Gathorne-Hardy  Heywood Hill has spent the last eighty years honing its skills as a bookseller and as a result offers a truly wonderful experience to occasional visitors, regular patrons and worldwide internet customers alike.

With its A Year in Books subscription, Gift service,  knowledgeable staff, book service, and library building services, Heywood Hill has everything a book lover could ever want.

~ Shan Williams

Address: 10 Curzon St, London W1J 5HH

Hours:  Mon – Fri 9:30-6:00 Sat 9:30-5:00

Website: www.heywoodhill.com