“Aisles so wide you can walk three abreast!”

Lowry's Books and More - Michigan

This independent single owner locally-owned bookstore started out maybe 15+ years ago, very tiny, selling used books.  When they relocated early-on into historic downtown Three Rivers, they occupied one building space.  Over the years and over time, they have expanded to offer both new books and used books and a coffee/sweets corner.  They now occupy maybe four jam-packed building spaces!

Lowry’s Books is a champion both for independent book stores, and the authors who thrive because of them, and this store is a champion in our community.  The historic downtown districts in little towns all over rural USA fail to thrive due to a variety of factors.  Lowry’s has become a cornerstone of our thriving downtown district.  The pride, heart and soul that the owner, Tom Lowry, has poured into his book store is evident from the window displays,  the vast array of bibliophilic merchandise, his employees and, of course, so many books!

If you are ever just “passing through”, please stop by and pay Lowry’s a visit.  You’ll leave happy!

~ Sarah Embil

Address: Lowry’s Books, 22 North Main Street, Three Rivers, Michigan, 49093

Website: lowrysbooks.com

Hours: Monday–Wednesday 10-6Mon-Wed: 10-6 Thu-Fri: 10-8 Sat: 10-7 Sun: 11-5