“Rizzoli is a storied bookstore in a townhouse specializing in illustrated tomes, literature & European magazines.”

Rizzoli Bookstore - New York

The first flagship Rizzoli store was opened in 1964 at 712 Fifth Avenue before relocating in 1985 to West 31st and 57th Street. This shop on 1133 Broadway is the new location for Rizzoli Bookstore, New York.

With dark wooden bookshelves, ornate chandeliers and beautiful paintings above the bookshelves and behind the till this shop is a lovely sight for book-loving eyes. The cherry wood bookcases and chandeliers were preserved from the previous store in 57th Street in order to keep the shop’s classic look.

The shop consists of two rooms of books, the front filled with bookshelves and table displays of books to catch your eye. The back room has bookshelves around the edges and on our visit, the centre of the room was filled with chairs in anticipation of an event happening that evening. With such a lovely appearance Rizzoli seemed to me like a perfect place to hold a book event. It is clear from their catalogue (which you can pick up in store) that they hold a wide range of events from author talks and book signings to wine tastings.

~ Content and photographs courtesy of Catherine from Booksbirdblog

Address: 1133 Broadway, New York, NY 10010

Hours:  Monday–Wednesday: 10:30–7:30
Thursday–Friday: 10:30–9:00
Saturday: 10:30–7:30
Sunday: 11:00–5:00

Website: rizzolibookstore.com