“The Phoenix in Tulsa Oklahoma is less a bookshop and more a meeting place for bibliophiles!”

The Phoenix - Tulsa, Oklahoma

I found something today that I think is really wonderful and I though you might also. It’s a coffee/sandwich/library/bookshop/bar called The Phoenix right outside downtown Tulsa. All such wonderful things all together! I didn’t think such places existed in real life! It’s locally owned too. I only found it because I had to take my car to a shop and leave it. Then basically wait for what I thought was going to be an interminable amount of time. But just a half mile or so down the street was this awesome gem.

The staff was wonderful. Funny and personable, they told me all about the place and advised me on how the library/bookstore worked. You could take and read whatever from the shelves and then return it, or you could pay a small fee if you wanted to keep it. It was like this Eden was made just for me, or us I should say! Such great eclectic old furniture too. Armchairs and couches and chaises, not just tables and chairs. Even used, donated games like Life and Operation and Uno in a glass-fronted cubbie customers could take out and play.

The food was also lovely, a fresh bagel for breakfast and I think the best club sandwich I’ve ever had for lunch. I didn’t stay long enough to have a beer or cocktail, but I’ll be back for that 🙂 I was so bowled over I just had to tell people who are as passionate about reading and books as me. I wish I could’ve gotten more pics, I had forgotten my charger, but all the books stacked to make the wall are all real and done with such care. All of it together made me feel right at home on which otherwise might have been a really lousy day.

~ Laura Paswell

Address: The Phoenix, 1302 E 6th St, Tulsa, OK 74120, United States

Facebook: facebook.com/ThePhoenixTulsa